"If we could go back to the purely physical...to those sensations and moments where we connect and our bodies flow together like water and everything else falls away, would you come to me?"


She wasn’t entirely sure the hotel room key card would work. She only faltered for a moment once she realised it did. Could she go through with it? Yes. ‘Yes,’ was an important word for them. It had all started with that simplicity - ‘yes.’ She wondered how it ever became so complicated, and she felt that pang of guilt and remorse for having broken his cardinal rule.

“Just don’t say anything – just don’t!” She had planned how she would present herself meticulously. Everything exactly to his taste. She had never been more obedient or more pleasing. The black leather, thigh high boots were new. She had to have them custom made to fit her small frame. But the tight black mini skirt and white silk blouse that accented her ample breasts were familiar to him. There was something about her stockings, just above the top rim of the boots, sheer black silk concealing the creamiest part of her inner thighs, disappearing into the darkness of her shortest velvet skirt. It made him wonder…

He had been waiting for her, sitting calmly at the foot of the hotel room bed, but he wasn’t sure what to expect. He had met strange women in hotel rooms before but there was something about this one that he couldn’t figure out…until she walked through the door. She wasn’t a stranger in the least. He almost knew her better than he knew himself. He was not pleased to see her. He had expected someone else – someone new.

His fingers slid slowly and deeply inside her, like keys that could unlock her, and she opened like a treasure chest full of undiscovered delicacies soaking his fingers. She needed to be claimed, again. She was feral again and needed re-breaking.

“Just don’t say anything – just don’t!” She locked her eyes on him. She searched to find out if he was surprised? Happy to see her? Angry? Anything? But there was nothing. He was a closed book and it chilled her to the bone.

"If we could go back to the purely physical...to those sensations and moments where we connect and our bodies flow together like water and everything else falls away, would you come to me?" She knew if she could just get him to look at her one last time the way he had before she crumbled to dust, there might be a chance at salvation.

"You broke the rule." He was impervious. "No drama. No histrionics. No crazy. You broke them all."

“I need…,” she faltered, and he wasn’t about to help her or let her off the hook, “I need to feel your hands on me…I need to feel your weight on me…I need…you." She couldn't meet his gaze anymore, she was completely defeated, as she whispered '...please...,' more to the gods than to him.

“I’m meeting someone,” there wasn’t a hint of regret in his voice.

“No. You’re meeting me. I made up that other profile, another persona because I knew you wouldn’t see me.” She knew how much he hated her manipulations, but what did she have to lose?

When he stood up, she wasn’t sure if he was going to slap her and she flinched. It infuriated him that she could think he would do something so vile, but he wasn’t sure if that was just another trick to get at him. He caressed her face with his left hand and reached under her skirt with his right. He fumbled a bit before finding the gloriously wet folds her sex. It had been too long. He caressed her so gently, something he had never done before. The way he touched her, his energy, the intoxicating heat between them was overwhelming.

* * * * *

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* * * * *

For a moment she was hopeful that this could be a new chapter in their saga, she reached for his cock but then she realised as she looked at him that he was completely unmoved. Was it just a cold exterior that held something deeper? Or was he truly unmoved by her now? He was not erect.

His fingers slid slowly and deeply inside her, like keys that could unlock her, and she opened like a treasure chest full of undiscovered delicacies soaking his fingers. She needed to be claimed, again. She was feral again and needed re-breaking.

He pulled his hand back and sucked his fingers, “More bitter than I remember,” and he turned her to face the full-length mirror as he undressed her. He had always known she was extremely self-conscious about her body and now he wanted to see if the confidence she wore to protect herself would crack. He pulled her coat off behind her roughly, leaving her hands tangled in the sleeves binding her arms behind her. Then he reached around to undue the buttons of her almost see through blouse. She watched him in the mirror as she tried to clear her mind of all the ridicule and self-doubt that grew like thick forests there.

She averted her eyes. “Look at yourself!” He barked harshly at her. It made the care with which he removed her blouse seem that much more menacing. Her white lace bra barely covered her erect nipples that almost ached to be bitten. He saw her pull her shoulders back slightly and he thought better of indulging her. Instead he traced the outline of the lace across her breasts knowing it was excruciating for her not to be impaled by him. He pulled up her skirt instinctively but again the restraint. He couldn’t spank her. If he started, he didn’t know where it would end.

He didn’t want her. He would never want her ever again, but he needed an exorcism of her flesh. He began to shake a bit and wasn’t sure how long he could hold back. He pushed her back onto the bed and spread her still booted legs wide. He couldn’t give her what she wanted, but he could no longer hold back his anger and disappointment. He had been so disappointed by her. He mounted her fully clothed and made no move to take off his belt or undue his jeans. He began to pump his hips as if he was pounding into her, but he wasn’t. She couldn’t even tell if he was hard.

He began to moan as he pumped harder. His belt buckle punishing her sex with each thrust, the hard, cold metal pounding against her softest flesh. His moan began to sound more like a howl, as he continued to buck and contort his body over hers. He was releasing his deepest wound over her, like a savage beast that could no longer endure his inner rage. This would have satisfied her every need if he were inside her, penetrating her, re-claiming her but this simulation was hollow and formless. There was no pleasure in it for her, it was a torture of proximity.

He wanted to beat her, not as a dom but as a man. He hit the bed with the heel of his hand full force with a short loud yell, and then he did it again and again and again and again, faster and with more and more fury until he screamed out all his frustration. She wanted to take it. She wanted to be punished. She deserved it and needed it. She wanted to take all of it, to take his frustration, to placate him and redeem herself but he wasn’t touching her – she was just a placeholder on the bed. He collapsed, completely spent on top of her as she wrapped herself tightly around him until his breathing calmed.

When she woke, there was another voice in the room, but it didn’t register until she felt soft, full lips kissing her, a small eager tongue filling her mouth. She fed tenderly on that mouth before opening her eyes to the young blonde woman straddling her. She pulled back for a moment to find him. He was watching in the shadows from the chair across the room. She looked back at this beautiful young creature on her lap and her unsatisfied hunger surged. She reached for the blonde body, letting her hands grope and claw the torso, the breasts, the neck – she could snap that long, graceful neck, she could strangle it, or she could feed on this body, this innocent female form. Her mouth wanted to taste neck, breasts, hips, thighs – so much flesh and flavour until her tongue found the heady spice of her sex and licked long and deep.

“Alice,” was all he said, and the blonde stopped and pulled herself away. He pointed to a place in the floor in front of him, and Alice obediently dropped to her knees and crawled over to him. He spoke to Alice, but he kept his eyes firmly on her, “suck.” As soon as she heard it, she knew. All of the air was sucked out of her lungs like she had been punched in the gut, she felt sick and the room seemed to go dark. She knew this moment. She had feared it all along. That moment when he banished her.

She watched as Alice undid the belt touching the leather that had always been hers. She heard him say to Alice that he wanted her to lick up the last drops of cum he would ever spend on her. She was frozen on the bed when he lifted Alice to his lap and lowered her onto him. As he began to thrust into Alice, she felt all of the bliss she would ever know evaporate.

She forced herself to watch the beautiful melding of the two that she could not be part of. She could feel the tension rising between them, she could see Alice engorged with him, the pleasure rippling through Alice as the memory of his pleasure rippled through her. She could see him getting close to the moment he would let loose. She knew that moment, had known that moment, would never know that moment with him again. And she began to disappear – she could feel all the need, and the pressure and the hope in her dissolve. This was the moment Orpheus lamented, the moment Eurydice is sucked back into the underworld and is never seen again.

When her senses came back to her, she was walking in the first light of the new year. It was cold, and the city was bright but completely deserted. This was the end of the world. She had stepped beyond her boundaries and this was her punishment. Banished from him, from the world, banished. Forever. To walk the streets alone.

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